How I Earn 365% APY With Bankroll Flow & Tron

What is Bankroll Network?

The Bankroll Network belongs in the crypto space. More specifically the Defi space.

The Bankroll Network was created in 2019 as a DApp on the Tron Blockchain, its aim was to be the bank of people decentralized, sustainable, voluntary, permissionless and providing an opportunity for passive income generation. There are many features on the Bankroll Network, but today we will be talking about Bankroll Flow.

What is Bankroll Flow

Bankroll Flow is the newest smart-contract in the Bankroll network family, a high yield/open-ended, certificate of deposit that allows you to earn passive income from regular deposits and referrals in the form of Bankroll’s native token BankerX (BNKRX). You get BNKRX tokens by swapping TRX (Tron Tokens) for BNKRX in Bankrolls SwapX tab on their website. You have to have a Tronlink Wallet containing Tron (TRX) tokens

Flow pays a consistent 1% a day return on your deposits in BNKRX (365% APY), deposits are permanently locked up in the contract, providing liquidity for BNKRX and driving its price up. Unlike other smart contracts that promise a 1% return a day, the locked liquidity ensures that the flow never drains. As BNKRX gets paid out daily you can re-invest (roll) giving you the ability to hyper-compound your capital or withdraw (claim) your daily interest . These reasons alone may make you want in, but it gets better.

Flow is built with a Buddy Referral System. You can only get into flow with a referral link. The buddy system is the best way to accelerate your ROI, as you will receive unlimited 10% referral rewards on their deposits, 30% of their withdraws and you’ll keep on making rewards on referrals of your referrals, up to 15 lines down. This system was designed to accelerate the real-world adoption of the Bankroll Network while incentivising those who are passing on the message with a lucrative cash flow machine. Everyone in Flow gains the ability to be a team leader, by growing their own referrals, referrals never have to pay anything to get in, the tokens paid out are generated by locked liquidity.

If you’re of the same mindset as me and want to be a part of Bankroll Flow, here is my referral link and code so you can join my team and be a part of Flow:

Buddy Referral Code:


  • I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, please do your own research.
  • Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment, don’t invest anything you can’t lose.




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