The Best Discord Plugin You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

3 min readDec 19, 2021


I’m sure if you’re reading this article you’ve probably heard of Discord, you know that behemoth of a messaging service used by over 140 million people every month.

Well, it's a pretty darn good service, used by everyone and anyone across the globe. Unfortunately, like most things Discord comes with its limitations.

Discord Notification Restrictions

There are two main ways notifications are restricted in Discord

  1. If you’re in any large Discord servers and ever tried to switch on server notifications, you might have seen this before. When a server reaches a certain size, Discord limits the notifications to reduce stress on the server.

2. If you’re anything like me, when I’m in a Discord server, I only really want to see notifications from a specific group of people. To see those notifications in the past I would have to search for each user’s messages in the search bar, this obviously takes a considerable amount of time.

Let Me Introduce Notifi Me

The Notifi Me Chrome plugin solves Discord’s notification problem.

With Notifi Me, you can select both the users and even the whole servers that you would like to follow.

Once you have selected either the users or servers you want to follow, Notifi Me will send you notifications whenever your chosen user/server sends a message.

In the notification tab, the messages will be displayed, from there you can read and delete the message or open the message in Discord.

Notifi Me offers two plans, a free and paid plan. The free plan allows users to follow up to 1 user or server at no cost. The paid plan for £3.99 allows users to follow unlimited users and servers.

Install Notifi Me Chrome Plugin

Why is this useful?

Notifi Me can be extremely useful in almost every Discord server. Below are a few use cases that I use Notifi Me for.

NFT Drops

The NFT market moves quickly, one missed message of an upcoming NFT release and you’ve potentially missed out on a huge opportunity.

Use Notifi Me to follow users/servers of upcoming NFT projects that you’re interested in, this way you will never miss another important message.


The difference between a winning and losing trade could be made in seconds, if you’re in trading communities on Discord you can use Notifi Me to be alerted of trade ideas and upcoming stocks/cryptos.

These are only some of the potential use cases for Notifi Me, however, the possibilities are endless!

Install Notifi Me Chrome Plugin




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