Top 10 Discord Plugins For 2022

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Did you know there is a huge range of plugins for Discord? With the help of projects like Better Discord and Notifi Me, you can install Discord plugins that add additional features and services to enhance Discord.

In this article, you will find the list of the newest, best and most popular Discord plugins used by thousands of people.


  • How to install Discord plugins & BetterDiscord
  • 1. Notifi Me
  • 2. Spotify Controls
  • 3. Split Large Messages
  • 4. Read All Notifications Button
  • 5. BetterVolume
  • 6. Image Utilities
  • 7. Google Translate Option
  • 8. Show Hidden Controls
  • 9. Call Time Counter
  • 10. Game Activity Toggle

How to install Discord plugins & BetterDiscord

Notifi Me is a Chrome extension. It is the only plugin on the list that does not require BetterDiscord. To install Notifi Me, click this link here or search Notifi Me in the Chrome Web Store.

To install both BetterDiscord and the other plugins mentioned above, see BetterDiscord’s FAQ page here. There is an in-depth explanation for how to install both BetterDiscord itself and plugins and themes.

Best Discord Plugins 2022

1. Notifi Me

Notifi Me is the new kid on the block, but it is making waves in the Discord space.

Notifi Me’s aim is to solve one problem — To enable people to select specific users within a Discord server to receive notifications from.

Discord servers can have thousands of users in them — these users can include both bots and individuals that don’t bring anything to the server. This can make it extremely difficult to find the messages and people providing useful and important information within a server. This is where Notifi Me can help.

Within Notifi Me, you can search through the Discord servers you are currently in.

From there you can choose to follow either individual users within that server or even the whole server.

You can easily add, remove and mute users from the following tab.

In the notifications tab, you will find all the notifications from the users/servers you are following.

From there, you can choose to read the message, clear the message or open even open the message in Discord.

Notifi Me offers two plans, a free and paid plan. The free plan allows users to follow up to 1 user or server at no cost. The paid plan for £3.99 allows users to follow unlimited users and servers.

Install Notifi Me Chrome Extension

2. Spotify Controls

You can already natively use your Spotify account with Discord, but this plugin takes the controls one step further.

After adding and activating this Discord plugin, you will find a Spotify controls section within the server. It contains the song title, artist, album artwork and elapsed time. On top of this, you can play/pause tracks and also skip/rewind them too!

Install Spotify Controls

3. Split Large Messages

Discord has a 2000 character message limit. This can be very frustrating when composing longer messages.

The Split Large Messages plugin bypasses this limit, if you have a message that is longer than 2000 characters, the plugin will automatically break it up into multiple messages, so you don’t have to. This plugin makes sending longer form messages a breeze.

Install Split Large Messages

4. Read All Notifications Button

Read All Notifications Button plugin is a handy, simple plugin for Discord. As the name suggests, it allows you to clear all unread notifications at a click of a button. If you are in a large number of servers, the number of unread notifications can build up quickly. This is where this plugin comes in.

Once enabled, the Discord plugin will add a clear button to the server list as well as a mentions popout. Clicking on the clear button from any of these two options will clear every notification instantly.

Install Read All Notifications Button

5. BetterVolume

In some situations, you might want to adjust and set volumes for individuals instead of everyone. With the BetterVolume plugin for Discord, you will have a volume slider for every individual member in the server.

You can set the volume manually instead of using a stepped slider. If you are frequently in voice chats, this plugin will be useful for you!

Install BetterVolume

6. Image Utilities

Image Utilities is another simple Discord plugin that adds various options for images and videos.

Image Utilities adds several Utilities for Images/Videos (Gallery, Download, Reverse Search, Zoom, Copy, etc.)

Once installed, right-click on the image/video actions section. From there all of the options like open link, copy image, etc will be displayed.

Install Image Utilities

7. Google Translate Option

If you’re in Discord servers that have users speaking various languages, this one is for you.

Adding the Google Translate Option, allows you to quickly search for translations all within Discord. This saves you the hassle of opening Google translate and copying over the message.

This plugin supports both incoming and outgoing messages so if you want to send messages in another language, this plugin has you covered.

Install Google Translate Option

8. Show Hidden Channels

One of the most popular Discord plugins is ShowHiddenChannels. This plugin allows you to gain access to hidden channels within a Discord server. Due to role restrictions, you may find hidden channels.

Having this plugin won’t allow you to access the channels, however, it will allow you to view all the hidden channels and channel details.

Install Show Hidden Channels

9. Call Time Counter

Another simple yet useful Discord plugin. This plugin will simply let you view how long you have been on a call. If you use voice chat frequently, this is a plugin for you. Once installed, under the voice call section, you will find a new option called ‘Time Elapsed’.

The Time Elapsed section will show you how long you have been on the call in HH:MM:SS format. A great simple discord plugin to have.

Install Call Time Counter

10. Game Activity Toggle

The Game Activity Toggle adds a quick toggle game activity button to your account.

Once installed a gaming controller icon will appear. Clicking this will bring up the toggle button which will allow you to disable game activity.

It’s as easy as that!

Install Game Activity Toggle


These are some of the best Discord plugins on the market currently, of course, there are thousands out there, if you want a look at Better Discord’s collection, visit their website here.

Note: I am the founder of Notifi Me and everything in this article is based off my own opinion!

Hope there's something in here for you!




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